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Breaking news while you wear it? Why not? The Inquirer notifies you with the latest curated breaking news through INQ Smartwatch Alerts. With the fast-paced mobile lifestyle comes the need for you to value the essence of time. INQ Mobile Smartwatch Alerts provides only the news worth breaking.

High-Priority News. The INQ Smartwatch Alerts are highly-curated by mobile editors. Only news and information worth your time are sent.

News at A Glance. INQ Smartwatch Alerts are crafted to allow you to get the gist of the story in one glance.

Swipe For More. Get to view the latest multiple alerts with a swipe at your own pace and time.




Adapting to the country’s increasingly mobile-first lifestyle, we ensure that every Filipino is informed with real-time breaking news and latest stories through the INQ Mobile App. Given the country’s growing use of mobile data, the INQ Mobile App redefines the Filipinos’ mobile news experience into one that’s truly digital, mobile and connected.

See More, Read More. INQ Mobile features bigger visuals that complement the articles, giving the audience a better snapshot of the story through news cards within the app.

Everything at Your Fingertips. INQ Mobile’s highly intuitive new interface enables the readers to easily swipe to view, tap to share and even, “up vote” to pick articles worthy of making the broadsheet headlines.

Snap and Send. The latest INQ App empowers you to become Inquirer Citizen Journalists with its camera and caption features. Crowdsourced news can now be contributed and made part of Inquirer’s news reports.



A newer INQUIRER.NET unveils today, bringing about its brand of news coverage, storytelling, and advertising programs in one feature-packed website.

Expect more compelling stories in traditional and interactive formats framed inside visually-arresting web designs that capture not only the eyes, but also the imagination and emotions of readers.

Expect more dynamic advertising platforms that generate numbers in metrics that matter to your brand.

Great storytelling, great visual design, great interactivity--it's all here and now.




Inquirer Plus is the only digital newsstand application which carries the full replica of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. It comes in an easy-to-read, fully shareable ePaper format built perfectly for tablet reading.

It provides you the confidence that your daily need for Inquirer news is available as early as 4am - anywhere, at your convenience.

With more than 70 titles from other Inquirer publications, exclusive page content, and a host of other technically-advanced features such as read-aloud function, article like/dislike buttons and integrated social networking sharing functions - Inquirer Plus is the most power-packed and useful news application in the Philippines today.

Talk to us about interactive advertising options on the new Inquirer Plus.



Here's to a new way of enjoying the Inquirer!

Now with a great new design and storytelling philosophy created to reflect what is important for leisurely reading - more pictures, more articles, more easy-to-consume illustrations that allow readers to enjoy life.

It's the same great and award-winning journalism: from the agenda-setting big news of the week, to in-depth analysis, we ensure that our coverage is comprehensive and complete. With story selections and summaries - we made the turn of each page a way to discover a more relaxed, more fun day. Even the ads are laid out well to minimize eye-strain.

The design is at par with world-class standards, and creates a modern, easy-to-read, clutter-free experience of news and information. Pages feature more visual storytelling, and new ways to engage with our writers in online and social media platforms. Ads are also less cluttered and do not clash with content - creating a more enjoyable reading experience.

With the new Philippine Daily Inquirer, you don't just stay informed and ask the right questions. You get to celebrate the beautiful things in life that are truly worth sharing.

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Great Storytelling

Everyone has a story to tell. Let us tell yours in the most comprehensive and true-to-life way. With the Inquirer’s brand of excellence in journalism, our strength is and will always be our content – from bite-size breaking updates, to in-depth news analysis, to lifestyle pieces that put life into each letter.

Great Storytelling - Here and Now. Experience the most engaging Inquirer yet.

Great Design

Step into a world of visually-arresting interfaces and user-friendly designs found only in the Inquirer quintet. Acknowledging the readers at the core of our existence, we have created a compelling, clean and comprehensive blueprint that puts your needs first.

Great design - Here and now. Experience the most engaging Inquirer yet.

Great Interactivity

Harness the power of interaction coupled with the call to innovate only with the Inquirer. With more avenues for crowd reporting and commentary that contribute to an ever-growing and ever-prospering country, immerse yourself in the news in a way only the Inquirer can offer.

Great interactivity – Here and Now. Experience the most engaging Inquirer yet.

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About "My Inquirer"

Philippine Daily Inquirer: the marketing of a relaunch

"One of the most successful aspects of the Inquirer’s relaunch has been the effective and well focused marketing to promote not just a change of design, but an overall new approach to storytelling, with the goal of attracting new and younger audiences."

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The men and women behind the "My INQUIRER" campaign

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